Massage oil from Shea butter

Massage oil from Shea butter

A good massage creates great physical and emotional relaxation and facilitates the flow of endorphin to your brain. However, massaging on bare skin can cause chafing, reddening and bruising. Hence, a critical part of a proper massage is the right massage oil.

What makes a good massage oil?

So you ask: How do you find a good massage oil? The key is to have a balance between absorption and glide. If the massage oil is too smooth, it will leave an oily feel, if it’s not smooth enough, you will need to constantly re-apply, or even risk chafing of the skin. However, raw Unrefined African shea butter provides the perfect balance of absorption and glide, leaving your skin and you, feeling soft and nourished.

Even though you can use Shea butter on its own as a massage balm, shea butter also combines well with other essential oils to improve appearance/shelf life and also enhance skin regeneration. The recipe below shows how to make an effective shea butter massage balm.
1 cup Raw Unrefined African shea butter
1/4 cup jojoba oil
1/4 cup rosehip seed oil

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Mixing Bowl
Small pot or double boiler
Storage container (wide mouth jars are better)


  1. Fill the small pot or double boiler with about an inch of water and heat up at low heat.
  2. Measure out shea butter in bowl and place in the pot of water. This allows the shea to slowly melt over low heat, preventing damage or loss of nutrients.
  3. After the shea butter has melted completely, take off the bowl from heat.
  4. Add in the rosehip seed and jojoba oils with the shea butter and mix thoroughly.
  5. When thoroughly mixed, pour the mixture into the storage container. Place in refrigerator for proper setting of the mixture.

Due to the combined anti-rancidity effects of the shea butter and jojoba oil, this massage balm can be stored almost anywhere. Rosehip seed oil is known as a “dry oil”, meaning that it does not leave a greasy film on the skin. It also has amazing skin regenerative properties.

Now you can enjoy the perfect balance of absorbtion and glide in your massage balm.

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