Do you know your cosmetic ingredients?

Do you know your cosmetic ingredients?

Cosmetic ingredients are the building blocks of all great cosmetic product. They come as organic, inorganic, liquids, solids, gaseous, natural or synthetic forms.

It is no longer a secrete that the desire for good looks and ‘flawless’ skin, has blinded many consumers seeking their ‘cosmetic ingredients’ section of their various products. With ‘testimonies’ and captivating adverts about a product, many consumers are likely to grab these products, without a glance at the cosmetic ingredients list.

For the few who do, they see a bunch of confusing chemical names yet they make their purchases based on referrals, suggestions and word of mouth. Many other consumers use the ‘trial and error’ method, where they purchase these product, try them on their skin for a week or more and then only decide if they continue to use the product for long term.

One thing that commercials don’t tell consumers is the ingredients used in making these cosmetic products. This is where questions should be asked and flags be raised. You need to be aware that not all chemicals used as ingredients are safe for topical applications.

Understanding these ingredients can save you from a lot of health hazards – from permanent skin damage to cancer. My next post will reveal some of these harmful chemicals that you should avoid and more importantly, some must-have cosmetic ingredients that you should look out for.

Cosmetic ingredients

cosmetic ingredients