Wouldn’t You Love To Look Ageless

Wouldn’t You Love To Look Ageless

Everyone has three different ages.  First there is the chronological age which is the age in number of years since being born.  Then there is the biological age which is the age of your body system at a specific time and is affected by a person’s health, their brain, heart, cardiovascular system and skeletal system.  Lastly there is the psychological age which is how old you feel.  You may be 60 years of age but you only feel 40.

You can’t change your chronological age no matter what you do but you can make some changes to the other two types of age.  Your lifestyle, such as diet and exercise, can alter your biological age and the age you feel can also be changed when you feel better biologically.

To improve your health you should eat a balanced, nutritional diet.  Reduce the amount of fats and sugars in your diet and avoid fried foods that only add excess fat to your body and clog up your arteries.  Eat more lean meats, white meats and fish to get the protein that your body needs.

Do brain exercises regularly to stimulate your brain as this will keep you alert and help to reduce the risk of deterioration and memory loss.  Keeping your brain and body healthy will help you to feel younger biologically and psychologically.

Psychological age is how old you feel in your mind.  You could be 60 years old, you could have a biological age of 50 but you may feel 40 in your mind.  If you keep active and exercise regularly and also do the things that you enjoy in life then you will feel younger psychologically.  Laugh as often as you can as this will help to keep you happy, positive and psychologically younger.

Although there is no miracle cure to staying young and reversing the aging process, simple changes in your lifestyle can help you to slow down the aging process and feel young and be biologically young.

A healthy diet and exercise is essential to a young biological age.  While many people are satisfied with having a good diet and exercising regularly; some will take it a step further and turn to corrective surgery to make themselves look younger.  Surgery such as a facelift can help to remove saggy skin and wrinkles which will give a more youthful look.  Surgery can be very expensive however and it is best to look after your skin and health and prevent the need for surgery as you get older.

There are many facial products available that can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Looking after your skin with a daily cleansing routine will help to keep your skin fresh, clean and younger looking.

Exercising regularly is very important to remain healthy.  An exercise routine may involve going to the gym or it can be something as simple as a brisk walk, jog or cycle.  Playing tennis or going swimming are also great exercises to keep your body and mind healthy and youthful.

A healthy diet will help you to maintain a healthy weight and also reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis.

So although you can’t change your chronological age this doesn’t mean that you need to be the same age biologically and psychologically.