Sigmund Shea butter Malaysia

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Sigmund Shea Butter is a renowned Shea butter Supplier in Malaysia and USA. Operating under the registered name, Sigmund Ventures, Sigmund Shea Butter is supplied as a premium quality unrefined organic shea butter and originates from the western region of Nigeria, West Africa.

The business was incorporated in 2012 and has since then stood out as a premium Shea butter supplier in Malaysia and USA. After experiencing the goodness of unrefined Organic Shea butter for the past decades, we observed that there is an increase in awareness of the benefits of Shea butter so, we began to supply Sigmund Shea butter to friends and acquaintances. Today, whether you are a large manufacturer, a cottage industry or an individual with a passion for Shea butter or Shea butter based DIY products, we have steadily increased our stock and delivery capabilities to cater for your needs.

[box] [boxes title=”OUR REASONS”]For generations, Shea butter’s rejuvenating and healing qualities has come to be proven with time, our passion about sharing this truth was the key. [/boxes] [boxes title=”OUR SOURCES”]Sigmund Shea butter is produced by local farm people mostly from the Western region of Nigeria using traditional processes that preserve the premium quality of our shea butter.[/boxes] [boxes title=”OUR AIM”]We aim to deliver the goodness of shea butter to the world and promote sustainability, employment among local individuals.[/boxes] [boxes title=”OUR VALUE”]We value Honesty, Excellence, Respect, Accountability and Team spirit; all of which drives our success.[/boxes][/box]

As mentioned on the Shea Butter page, the benefits of Shea butter has seen us, a local company rise to an international heritage with very excellent online presence that could be rivaled by very few. Visit our product page today and make your order now, our distribution channels are swift and time sensitive in all.

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